I help passionate teams build better products.

Bridging the gap between business, technology, & design

Design smarter

Startups have to move fast. You have new features to build, existing features to grow, and bugs to fix. Between your users, investors, and your own product goals there is a lot of potential to manage. I help teams discover what the biggest product pain points are and design a path forward keeping everyone’s ambitions in mind.

Design faster

Whether design is a part of your product cycle right now, or something you’re looking to explore, I can help figure out what parts of your process could be helped with design and how. For some teams that means tightening the process between new leads and your product teams; for others it might be helping the business communicate their goals to engineering with more clarity.

Design for the whole stack

You expect your engineers to wear many different hats when developing, so don’t expect anything less from your designers. Before transitioning to design full-time I was a frontend developer, so I understand the moving pieces behind complex applications, and can happily translate between business, technology, and design.

How I work

Step one for any project I do with a startup is to conduct a design audit. The audit is a week of investigating your product and getting to know your team. I look for what’s working and what might trip users up. If you have analytics I’ll discover what the common drop off points are and hypothesize how you can shore them up. At the end of the week I’ll come back to your team with a clear picture of the current experience in your product and with a few suggestions for reaching your users with more clarity and empathy.

My story

The internet and I go pretty far back now, I guess. I wrote my first webpage at the age of ten and haven’t really stopped since. My first job was as a frontend developer and programming served as my bread and butter for several years before I had to opportunity to take over as sole user experience designer at the agency I was writing code for. Since then I’ve pushed for stronger communication between business, technology, and design at agencies, helped product teams move new features forward, and most recently tackled a full redesign for a startup’s application and helped their team pivot towards working with Fortune 500 companies and national campaigns. Looking forward I’m excited to help new teams work more effectively and to reach their users with empathy and confidence. You can find my full resume on LinkedIn.

I live in lovely Portland, Oregon with my husband, our dog, and our cat. In my spare time I can be found drinking coffee, cross stitching, and painting my nails. I recently launched Miss Venn, a blog exploring the intersection of design, technology, work, and life.